By: Betty Bechtel

I wish to thank the many students who came to my rescue on Nov. 29 at around 3.30 p.m.

I was picking up litter in front of my home when I slipped on the grass and fell, hitting the right side of my head on the sidewalk. Many students came to help me. Two, whose names I have forgotten, said they were in Health Sciences; helped me to get up and to retrieve my glasses. They also gave me a Kleenex as I was bleeding from a cut on my forehead. They offered various forms of help. I thought I would be fine, thanked them and went into my home to clean the wound, apply a pressure bandage and a cold compress.

Later I noticed that the two young women were still at the front of my house. They informed me that they had called 911. I mentioned to them that I was a retired nurse and thanked them for their caring and help.

The paramedics checked me over and reminded me about getting a tetanus shot. This was good advice as I would not have remembered on my own. I’m 86. They made several suggestions about further help, which I did not think I required. The next day I saw my doctor and had the tetanus shot. The wound is healing very well although my right eye looks like I had a run-in with someone!

I remarked to the paramedics that we have many wonderful caring students in this community. They agreed.

With the thoughtfulness, concern and quick action shown by these many young future leaders, we know the future is in good hands.

My best wishes and thanks to all of you.

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