Letter to the Editor: response to the decline of TwelvEighty


By: Janelle Hanson

A rebuttal to “Why TwelvEighty club nights are no longer lit” from the Feb. 2 issue:


The execution of TwelveEighty club nights has never changed – including the lighting and ambiance presented every Thursday night.

It is hard to understand how it has coincidentally become a problem now. Many clubs all over the GTA present the same type of dim-to-dark lighting that simultaneously promote said inconspicuousness.

It is a disrespectful and egoistic claim to insult the appearance of the person you are dancing with.

Refrain from blaming the lighting when your drunken goggles are the real reason for you misinterpreting the visuals of a face that’s been in front of you for an entire night.


In agreement, the music selection has not been the greatest over the last few months. However, TwelvEighty is employed by undergraduate students, (a rule implemented by the MSU), it is only possible to hire selected DJs. Due to the collaboration with Campus Events and the reduced number of club nights left within the year, we can now employ DJs who exceed the undergraduate title, and provide a wider range of music to accommodate the musical interests of all students.


An average Thursday night at TwelvEighty consists of $2.00 coat check, $4.50 cover (or $2.00 before 11pm), and $4.25 drink. That brings you to a cumulative amount of $10.75. Now, lets compare a Thursday night at Trust. This consists of $10.00 cover, $3.00 coat check, and $6.00 drink, a total amount of $19.00. At TwelvEighty, you can buy two more drinks for the price of Trust’s cover.


Prior to the collaboration with Campus Events, TwelvEighty was limited in the space we had to put up promotional posters, and market our club nights. To counter the previous argument, McMaster’s Student Centre is the central hub of the university. That being said, it makes perfect sense for promotional posters to be placed in this strategic space. With the help of additional campus services, you will see more promotion.


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