MSU Elections 2018: Kyle Pinheiro’s Platform Overview


Kyle Pinheiro is a third-year Political Science student. Pinheiro’s platform consists of a five pillar model called “FASTR,” which stands for “Food, Accessibility, Safety, Transportation and Responsibility.”

Although he has not held any major roles in the McMaster Students Union, Pinheiro has worked as an International Students Mentor for McMaster Social Services and as event staff for McMaster Free the Children. Pinheiro has also been involved with McMaster Model United Nations as a delegate and is a member of the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Youth Council, a council created by the Liberal government to listen to youth voices.

In the food portion of his platform, Pinheiro highlights the need for more space in the McMaster Bread Bin Food Collective Centre, an on-campus food bank that is currently operating out of the Refectory basement. He also proposes the creation of a frozen food delivery service for Hamilton’s homeless shelters, which would ensure that leftover food from the FCC does not go to waste.

In his accessibility pillar, Pinheiro addresses his plan to develop an interface for students to report malfunctioning electrical outlets on campus.

He also seeks to develop an app for Avenue to Learn. The app will allow students to more easily view grades and use Avenue to Learn on their phones. Pinheiro also hopes to add integrative features from Mosaic, McMaster’s main online administrative website. One of Pinheiro’s minor points includes the addition of microwave locations to the McMaster University Student Centre.

Pinheiro’s plan to improve safety entails providing McMaster Students Union staff with robust suicide crisis prevention training and sexual assault violence prevention training. He also wants to improve student safety by including more red-security poles on campus, particularly at bus stops and poles beside entrances to major buildings.

Pinheiro seeks to address students’ problems with the Hamilton Street Railway primarily by implementing a test project for an expanded and heated bus shelter program at the university.

Pinheiro also plans on working with the HSR to expand the 51-University line to run during evening hours

Under the last pillar of his platform, responsibility, Pinheiro notes the importance of working to implement projects that were introduced by former MSU presidents.

If you’d like to learn more about Pinheiro’s platform, visit his Facebook page and website:


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Author: Cassidy Bereskin

Cassidy is a first year Social Science student hoping to major in Political Science. She loves bubble tea, coffee, Hamilton (the musical AND our city) and reading through Twitter threads.