MSU Elections 2018: Kyle Pinheiro Platform Critique A lack of consultation weakens Pinheiro's platform


Though Kyle Pinheiro can only achieve the platform points in his “Food” pillar by working with McMaster Students Union and university stakeholders, Pinheiro has yet to consult them.

Pinheiro’s first platform point in this pillar is aimed at relocating Mac Bread Bin’s Food Collective Centre to a larger space. Currently, the FCC, the university’s on-campus food bank, operates out of the basement of the Refectory, which is near Bridges Cafe.

According to Taylor Mertens, the Director of Mac Bread Bin, the MSU Board of Directors have been pushing for a space expansion for the FCC. As such, the FCC has been able to secure a custom space on the third floor of the Student Activity Building, which is projected to be completed in 2020.

Although Mertens would support an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes for the FCC to be relocated to a larger facility, this is not an effort that Pinheiro will undertake should he be elected, at least not according to his platform, which contains no mention of the SAB deal.

Rather, Pinheiro expresses interest in relocating the FCC in the first place, not reducing the amount of time it will take to bring the existing deal to fruition. It should also be noted that Pinheiro never cites a location to which the FCC should move.

The second platform point in Pinheiro’s “Food” pillar involves developing a frozen food delivery service aimed at providing more food to Hamilton’s homeless shelters.

In his platform, Pinheiro specifies that this initiative would not detract from the current system, which allows McMaster students to take unused food at the end of each day. Instead, it would ensure that leftover food that would otherwise be thrown out would be donated to shelters on behalf of the MSU.

Pinheiro did not consult Mac Bread Bin on this platform point either.

Although Mertens says that this may be feasible, accomplishing this platform point would require working with Chris Roberts, the Director of McMaster Hospitality Services, who would decide which food items get donated to the community and which are provided to McMaster students.

When asked, Roberts said he was not consulted by Pinheiro. He expressed concern over the fact that Pinheiro included this initiative in his platform. According to Roberts, Pinheiro’s platform point addresses a complex issue Hospitality Services is looking into, both internally and in collaboration with Mac Bread Bin.

It should be noted that Pinheiro also failed to do sufficient research when it comes to his promise to develop an Avenue To Learn app.

Brightspace Pulse, an app connected to Avenue To Learn that allows students to track their courses, assignments, readings and grades, already exists. In his platform, Pinheiro does not address Brightspace Pulse and its capabilities.

Pinheiro considers his platform to be aimed at improving students’ lives “FASTR,” not slower. Without consultation with key MSU and university stakeholders, however, Pinheiro may need to amend his slogan.


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Author: Cassidy Bereskin

Cassidy is a second year Political Science student. She loves bubble tea, coffee, Hamilton (the musical AND our city) and reading through Twitter threads.