Farzeen Foda

Senior News Editor

No longer will a Google search of “McMaster” reveal a bulletin of University news, due to the various technological changes taking place throughout the University.

With the digital age and McMaster’s increasing recognition worlwide, the University continues to attract higher numbers of applicants each year.

To make the application process and final decision a little bit easier, McMaster University launched a new prospective students website earlier this month – an initiative in line with their technological reforms.

This development complements many adaptations, such as changes to the University’s libraries to better accommodate the increasing use of laptops and computers rather than books.

Further, serious efforts are being devoted to revamping online course registration and other online student services through modifications to MUGSI and SOLAR.

With the transition to more electronic avenues for managing academic matters, a student’s entry to a university is more often beginning with a quick online search as opposed to any other method.

It is on these sites where they disocver a variety of universities boasting their school colors and reasons why their institution is worth both their time and money.

Unlike much of the McMaster’s other adminstrative URLs, the new prospective students website boasts bright maroon and grey trims, sharp pictures of the McMaster campus, and a strong emphasis on the symbolic archway located in the centre of campus.

The website has been credited for its clear and visually appealing layout.

While still in its early stages, the website is accepting feedback to improve ease of access and use.



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