Farzeen Foda

Senior News Editor

When it comes to tuition, it never seems like there is anyone out there willing to actually take care of it for you, regardless of your grades or financial status.

Maybe luck will be on your side with a new contest by Interac Online, in conjunction with the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office at McMaster.

The contest began on Feb. 6 and will continue until March 15. Students who make payments to their account using Interac Online can win up to $5,000 toward their tuition. This possibility applies solely to students who make up to five payments of any amount to their statement using Interac Online, and will consequently be eligible to win a sum of money proportional to their tuition, up to $5,000.

Students can click on “Pay Now” through their account statement, which can be accessed through MUGSI, noted Liz McDonough, Coordinator of Customer Service for the Student Accounts and Cashiers Office. For students without an outstanding balance on their accounts, the contest is still available through the Interac website.

This initiative is designed not only to give students a well-deserved break, but to promote the use of Interac Online for tuition payments.

For the University, it is the preferred method of payment, noted McDonough, because it is, “safe, easy and quick.” The March 15 contest closure date is meant to encourage students to get their payments in on time, as that is the deadline for payments.

Students who make their payments using Interac Online will be tabulated using a tracking number, thus no personal information about students will be shared with Interac Online. Once the winner is randomly selected, the University will use the tracking number to identify the winner.


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