The Alumni Association is here to help you get oriented to university. Whether you’re an incoming or returning student, take advantage of our events and services that can help you get and stay connected to the campus community!

How have you been preparing for the 2020 school year?

How are you feeling about the future?

Meeting New people makes me feel...

I prefer meeting others through...

How should you prepare for the 2020 school year?

Meet fellow Mac students on Firsthand! McMaster's networking platform for students and alumni.

Webinars and Events. Learn about an assortment of topics with our online events and webinars designed for McMaster students and alumni.

Career Resources. Got a career question? Created with our partners in the Student Success Centre,find answers on our career resources site, browse events or book a meeting with a Career Counsellor.

Online Networking on Firsthand! Join our networking platform, Firsthand, to connect with McMaster students and graduates to get advice on academics and career related questions.


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