By: Daniella Porano and Hayley Regis

D: It’s official. Radio stations are playing Christmas music, malls are decked out in consumeristic holiday glee, and everyone is feeling anxious about their post-holiday bank accounts. In the coming month, holiday parties, family gatherings, and made-for-TV Christmas movies will dominate my social calendar, and with that, images of pencil skirts, colourful knits, and heels will dominate my mind (What exams? What final papers?).

H: I usually have a pair of holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations to attend, so that gives me plenty of occasions to look as fabulous as humanly possible.  Last year for Xmas one of two, I paired a patterned pencil skirt with a half-tucked vintage tee and a big glamorous necklace. My family is usually pretty casual so I planned for something that would make me feel like the coolest of cats but allow me to eat and drink as much as possible. Anything to soothe the burn of the term paper I have yet to write.

D: Last year I celebrated a handful of Christmases, which all came with their own set of dress codes. At a dinner celebration, I donned maroon-coated skinny denim, a black peplum sleeveless shirt with a collar, and a pair of riding boots. At my family’s casual Christmas lunch, I wore a plaid woven skirt, tights, a fitted cable-knit sweater, and scarf. This year my central style rule will revolve around pairing everything I can with heels. Their ability to instantly dress up a relatively simple outfit is ideal, especially when splurging on new holiday clothing isn’t an option. For cozy winter evenings at home, I plan on opting for slouchy sweaters with boyfriend jeans.

H: For last New Year’s I went full glam. I stayed in, ordered food, and watched movies with my best friends. I wore a full-length dress that’s basically a blanket with some chunky earrings because I knew I would have to be in public(ish) to greet the delivery guy. This year, I’m looking forward to rocking anything with a high-waist with chunky and coordinated cropped knits. That or the pantsuit I just ordered. I’m pretty excited to have my hands on what is basically just a souped-up onesie that is somehow socially acceptable because it isn’t made of acrylic and fleece. For my evenings in I’m going to stick with my harem pants and half-tuck a basic white tee.

D: Last New Year’s I opted for a cozy knit layered over a collared denim shirt, black skinny jeans, and boots, and paired with a chunky knit scarf and a beanie. I still froze – I mean that’s my fault because I thought it would be “cute” to go skating in minus twenty-five degree weather by Toronto’s Harbourfront. This year, it’s all about the glam. I can’t wait to put on my favourite black jumpsuit, a pair of snakeskin heels, and rock a red lip to whatever party I end up going to.

Hayley and Daniella’s Holiday Style Rules:

1. Marry your shoes.

I don’t care if you need to make an elaborate vow to your five-inch stilettos before you attend a party. For the night, you and your shoes are betrothed, deeply connected, common law partners. Under no circumstance do you remove your shoes until you return home and/or go to sleep.

2. Dress for the weather.

I don’t care how cool you look in the club; if your skin is blistering as soon as you step outside, you are making a poor life choice. Layer up. This isn’t just for clubs, going to family gatherings where you know you’re going to be inside can make it tempting to just wear whatever but trust. Wouldn’t you rather be a layered parfait than a single scoop of vanilla in the case of emergency?

3. Regarding accessories.

Follow the eternally wise words of the ultimate Parisian Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”


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