TwelveEighty: 4.5/5 

For the record, we did not give TwelveEighty the best review because it is also operated by the MSU. To be completely honest, we unanimously agree that most of the food served there is pretty shitty (especially the shawarma, don’t ever order the shawarma). But somehow, beneath all that pseudo ethnic food and genetically modified chicken, they produce a stellar poutine that doesn’t even use cheese curds! I don’t know how they do it.


The Phoenix: 3.5/5

Their recent change to less burnt potatoes really made a difference, and their poutine is exceptionally better than it was last year. Their pulled pork poutine still resembles excrements, but their gravy is bountiful and tasty.


La Piazza: 3/5

A reasonable option for meal card users, but take note: for some weird reason their cheese curds never melt…


Basilique: 3.5/5

Overall, not a bad choice. Not really what you would expect to order when walking into a Mediterranean restaurant, but their fries are fresh, their gravy homemade, and their portions generous.


Snooty Fox 4/5

Really generous with the curd and the gravy, this poutine hosts a nice balance of the dish’s three main elements. It is also HUGE (both a good and bad thing).

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West End 3/5

Sort of soggy, but mostly because they’re kind of slow with moving food from the kitchen to the table. A little skimpy with the curd, but definitely not a bad order.


Emerson Pub 2/5 

Emerson Pub needs to follow in the footsteps of The Phoenix and ditch the weirdly burnt, day-old fry style they’ve got going on. Grimy fries is not helping to improve your cold and damp atmosphere.


Wimpy’s 3/5

Their dish is lacking in the gravy department, but their thick cut fries are still super filling. They also deliver in the wee hours of the morn’, so bonus points for that. Just remember, they only take cash.


Charred 3/5 

Adding a hint of unique flavor, Charred serves their poutine with a douse of piri piri sauce. Not recommended for those who favour a more classic version of the pub fare, but definitely something unique to try.


The West Town 3.5/5

A really well-sized portion, West Town’s poutine is served with near wedge-like fries and a hearty dose of gravy and curd. An all-around favoruite.


Smoke’s 2.5/5

You have to be drunkenly stumbling through Hess to crave this poutine, especially seeing as their gravy is super salty and overloaded with peppercorns. Not everyone likes peppercorns, Smokes, make those a separate topping.