Imran Motala

Silhouette Staff


Where else can you find  delicious Persian eats at an affordable price? Located in downtown Burlington (420 Pearl Street), Rayhoon’s Persian Eatery offers this and so much more.

I had the fish stew, Fesenjoon, the Rayhoon Special, and for dessert, Faloodeh, all accompanied with delicious

Duke, which consists of milk, yogurt and a variety of well blended spices, in addition to a side of rice.

The restaurant’s front is the most pronounced one in the area, which is made evident upon arrival.

You are greeted with a shining sign bathed in Persian art.

I was told a Christmas decoration competition was being held between restaurants in the area. Rayhoon’s definitely did not disappoint in this regard.

The restaurant provided a twist to the conventional themes of Christmas by displaying Persian artefacts in the window.

When I entered, a dim light set the mood for a relaxing dinner as a Christmas tree greeted me to the side, fully decorated. The 23-year-old owner Mahmood Emami took me to my reserved seat and the place slowly filled up over the course of the night.

The atmosphere is enlightening and all at once satisfying. The place is steeped in Persian history with great art pieces, and better yet are the unique stories that come with them.

The waiters are friendly and eager to help. Our food was served surprisingly quick, beginning with the bread and rice.

The fish stew is highly recommended, as it has a taste reminiscent of India. The bread is also extremely fresh, making for an appetizing addition to any dish – I could have eaten the bread all night.

The Fesenjoon is like nothing I have ever tasted before. The dish consists of chicken, pomegranate and walnuts.

It provides a whole new type of sweetness, and when mixed with rice it becomes that much more unique.

The Rayhoon Special is a skewer of Barg and a skewer of Joojeh, which is lamb and chicken marinated for 24 hours in onions, garlic and saffron, and seasoned with select spices, making for a very tender dish.

The Faloodeh dessert is a Persian sorbet that consists of vermicelli noodles and rose water. It is served in a bowl with a waffle piece to the side.

It is deliciously sweet and can be covered in cherry or lemon water that is provided at the table.

The food is great, the staff is friendly, and the environment is soothing.

I felt a part of the family when I entered and learned a lot about

Persian culture during my time there. I am eager to return.

While driving might be the best option, the restaurant can be reached by bus.

From McMaster, take the 10 B-line to King and Parkdale, and then take the 11 Parkdale Northbound to the John at Burlington Terminal.

It’s then a short walk to 420 Pearl Street, which resembles Hess Village.

The restaurant is the cathedral-looking one in the middle of the tiny cobblestone village.

The total bus trip takes over an hour, but it’s worth it if you’re up for an adventure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rayhoon’s and I hope you will too!



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