From the HSR’s “friendly Frank” to our energetic Tim Hortons cashier, Terri, in McMaster University Student Centre, the McMaster community is lucky to have Hamilton community members who contribute to the betterment of Mac.

Greater gratitude should be given to those who contribute to McMaster from the Hamilton community.

We should be taking inspiration from Diana Marginean, who created a crowdfunding campaign to thank Frank Palin  for being such a friendly bus driver.

Palin drives the 51 bus in Hamilton and through McMaster, where he engages with hundreds of McMaster students on a weekly basis.

He is known for singing his own versions of “The Wheels on the Bus” to encourage his passengers to move back and make room for more people on the bus, and for greeting everyone with a friendly hello and wishing people a great day as they get off the bus.

Marginean is a McMaster graduate who noticed how many students were commenting about Palin on the “Spotted at Mac” Facebook page and understood the importance of showing appreciation to those who have a positive impact on students’ lives at McMaster.

Greater gratitude should be given to those who contribute to McMaster from the Hamilton community.

To show this appreciation, Marginean started a campaign with donations from 77 people who raised $950 for Palin in four months, which he decided to donate to McMaster to support international students and in need.

He hopes to establish a bursary that will allow international students to have a positive experience in Canada. Palin named it the “This is Canada” fund as he hopes that it will show the way Canadians help one another out and create positive experiences for one another.

An iFundMac page has been set up with Palin’s $1,300 contribution to launch the fund. $1,700 is needed to reach the required minimum amount to establish a student award for international students.

Like Palin, Terri Marshall, who works at the Tim Hortons in MUSC, is also known to uplift students with her positive enthusiasm, even at 7:30 a.m.

Whether you’re buying a coffee or simply walking by, Marshall will be able to put a smile on your face with her radiant attitude no matter what your struggle is.

Marshall has been singing, dancing and keeping students entertained while serving coffee for the past 11 years, and has been doing her best to make students smile everyday.

She writes inspiring messages on your coffee and is known to draw hearts on your lids.

In 2015, McMaster students raised $1,700 with 142 donations to give back and show their appreciation.

They surprised Marshall with an impromptu dance party and a cheque to send her on vacation with smiles like the ones she encourages daily.

Her positivity has become an integral part of student’s university experience that most McMaster students have encountered and can reflect on.

Like Palin, Marshall’s impact on students is one that works towards improving student mental health and encouraging positive attitudes in the McMaster-Hamilton community.

Their contributions to the McMaster community are priceless and have an important positive impact and that should be shown appreciation that is as consistent as their positivity from McMaster students, like the efforts that have been made to give back to Marshall and Palin.

These are efforts that should be extended to community members who work to empower McMaster students and create a positive environment in the community.

Likewise, McMaster university should find ways to thank these wonderful individuals and individuals of the Hamilton community alike that work towards the betterment of students’ lives.

Whether it be our institutional partners or individuals like Palin and Marshall, who help make out daily lives easier and more positive, it is important to show appreciation to those who help McMaster students’ daily routines run smoother.

This will create a feedback loop of gratitude and will work towards encouraging positivity in all interactions at McMaster.

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