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This Thanksgiving, you may find yourself at a get-together with friends or family. And if it’s been a while since your last family reunion, get prepared for the constant “I can’t believe how grown up you are,” or “I remember when you were only this tall.” Regardless of whether you have seen these party attendees two weeks ago or two years ago, a get-together calls for you looking your best.


No matter what, you can’t go wrong with a denim shirt (unless it’s paired with matching jeans). We’ve paired a light denim button down with a textured cranberry skirt. The colour of the skirt fits in with autumn beautifully and should you happen to spill some cranberry sauce on yourself in the middle of dinner, it may just go unnoticed.

Tuck the shirt into the skirt and roll up the cuffs of the sleeves a few times for a more relaxed look.

For when the night gets a little chillier, add this knitted shawl cardigan for a warm and cozy look.

This statement necklace inspired by autumn leaves compliments the outfit by incorporating the cranberry colour from the skirt into another element of the outfit. Since the meat and potatoes of this outfit are basic, have fun playing with the accessories. Patterned tights are always a great go-to accessory to add extra style and warmth once the temperatures start to drop. Perfect for an autumn evening.

The final touch to any outfit is the shoes. Nothing says fall quite like a pair of lace up oxfords. Keep the heel small so you can mingle around the room and aren’t glued to the couch because your feet hurt. Enjoy the season of fashion and socializing.

Payless: $30

H&M: $19.95

Forever 21: $9.80

Dynamite: $39.90

Aeropostale: $30

Icing: $18.75


Girls aren’t the only ones who get to play with fashion these days. Our handsome boys have more options than ever before when deciding what to wear. For the gentlemen, we have a pair of navy trousers, a great neutral to carry through to every season. Look for these in a slim cut to maintain a put-together look. The only natural option for fall is to channel your inner lumberjack and rock a plaid flannel button down. They come in a wide variety of colour schemes so choose your favourite.

To, literally, top it off, we’ve added a light fleece sweater in light grey. Wear the sweater so the collar and a small portion of the neck of the flannel are showing. Cuff the sleeves of the flannel over the sweater to tie it all together.

Add a pair of faux fur lined moccasins to keep the outfit comfy and casual.

Aero: $22.25

H&M: $29.95

Old Navy: $15

Payless: $25


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