Get to know your Marauders There's a lot more to Marshall Ferguson than his football abilities


Q: If you could hang out with a celebrity for a day, dead or alive, who would it be?


A: “Paul McCartney for the stories and a ukulele lesson over beers”


Q: Who is your role model?


A: “Tom Brady. He is the ultimate leader and I pattern my 40 time after him.”


Q: Why did you choose your sport?


A: “I was forced to play football by a high school basketball coach that wanted my teammates and I to get tougher. I immediately fell in love with the game.”


Q: Favourite color?


A: “Glow in the dark”


Q: Favourite band?


A: “‘The Sheepdogs’, ‘City and Colour’ and ‘Jack Johnson’ ”


Q: What is your dream job?


A: “Sports broadcasting. Either hosting a radio show called “Tim, Sid and Marsh” or hosting the 1a.m. edition of Sportscentre.”


Q: Favourite thing to do on the weekend?


A: “Spanning the globe to study the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat that only the wide world of sports can supply.”


Q: What are you studying at Mac?


A: “Political Science, Communication and how to say “YES” like Marv Albert”


Q: If you could play any sport other than Football what would you play?



A: “I would be a Formula 1 race car driver, “I wanna go fast” – Ricky Bobby.”


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Author: Alexandra Reilly

Alexandra Reilly is a third-year communications student and has been writing for the Silhouette for two years. She started her career in sports writing as a weekly volunteer and covering women's volleyball in her second year. Now she works as the assistant sports editor of the paper and hopes to one day work in sports media and broadcasting.