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Since last week, the “Kony 2012” campaign has raised awareness of injustice globally. McMaster University students, being part of a globally minded community, are equally capable of raising awareness and promoting justice worldwide.

With technological innovations and social networking online our world is more global then ever before. We are all connected and can share ideas instantly with people across the globe.

Our generation is the first to experience this, and being the leaders of tomorrow, we can make a difference in ways we never could before. Student internships provide an avenue for just that, creating global citizens, one internship at a time.

Travelling abroad allows students to take an active role in their learning to increase youth impact in the world.

The most recent international intern at AIESEC McMaster, a student-run organization dedicated to youth leadership development on the global scale, is Ghanaian exchange participant George Takyi Asiedu. He arrived in Canada this past January for a paid internship with the Oakville company B2B Chex Inc. The opportunity for international exchange is parallel to no other, offering unique and valuable experiences to last a lifetime.

“They asked me about countries I’d like to visit, and I stated ‘Canada,’” said Asiedu. “They told me there was ‘no way.’” Despite all odds, he fulfilled his dream of coming to Canada.

He describes his travels as “a lot of moments to live.” Asiedu was amazed at “how trusting and kindly strangers are in Canada, the community and people are very warm. A very nice, friendly, safe environment.

“There are so many good things about Canada too. What is striking is the diversity of people who live here,” he says.

Upon arrival, Asiedu attended an AIESEC conference in Montreal, where he grew accustomed to Canadian culture. He engaged in workshops, simulation groups and tasks that cause you to think outside the box. He was able to learn leadership skills in a global learning environment catered to young professionals. This offered him a great transition and beginning in Canada.

He has now contributed to societal change in his community and abroad while exploring and developing unique skills and competencies. International talent and a global mindset help foster peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. The various Canadian internships provided this year help maintain good global connections.

Asiedu’s boss Bruno Santia says “he has been nothing but positive” and is an “excellent, hardworking and reliable individual.” In terms of his actual work, Bruno confirms Asiedu is currently in a sales environment.

He is making great progress and is moving the sales cycle forward. Although initially hesitant about his new workplace, everyone is very helpful in his transition at B2B Credit Chex. He now describes his work environment as “like a family.”

Since he started his position in January, George has created his own impact. Doing credit reports has allowed him to work with companies all over the GTA, Ontario, and Canada, even in New Brunswick.

The challenges George had to face in order to come to Canada were more than worth the rewards he gained.

One of the ways McMaster youth can develop their leadership potential is by becoming an international exchange participant. In this way, youth can truly make a difference in world issues. Asiedu’s internship offered B2B Credit Chex Inc. and himself the opportunity to be global citizens.

It is through experiences such as Asiedu’s internship in Oakville that globally minded communities and international talent can be linked and developed.


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