Dear Marauders,

You will soon have the chance to make a difference. How? By voting in the federal election.

There are thousands of eligible voters at McMaster. If you all voted, you could put the concerns of students and youth on the agenda for Ottawa. Voting is a small personal step on a life journey that can change the world.

Why cast your vote for me?

For the past twenty years I have worked on the front lines with youth and their families.

We confronted many serious problems: bullying, suicide, criminal charges, loss of friends and loved ones. I am humbled to have been able to help youth and their families through these issues. As a Liberal, I am committed to continue to work to ensure that our youth are engaged and empowered. When our youth are empowered, amazing things can be achieved.

Under a Liberal government, I will help form Canada’s first-ever prime minister’s youth advisory council, ensuring your generation has a voice at the highest levels of government. That means a seat at the highest table in the land for young people, aged 16-24. As someone who has devoted the last 20 years of my life to our community’s youth in my role as a high school chaplain, I know that giving youth this powerful voice to speak truth to power will change how Canada is governed. For the better.

As Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will invest $300 million annually in a renewed Youth Employment Strategy and invest $40 million annually to create more co-op placements for students and increase the number of jobs funded by the Canada Summer Jobs Program. The Liberal plan will create 120,000 job opportunities for Canada’s youth.

On October 19, I hope that you will vote and choose me as your representative in Ottawa. Let’s bring the student and youth agenda to Ottawa together. I pledge to you that I will do that.

– Filomena Tassi


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