Comfort is at the heart of local underwear business Bed Peace Intimates

Feeling comfortable in your skin can go a long way. Often overlooked though is the importance of being comfortable. Both ideas of comfort are at the heart of Maya Lyn’s business Bed Peace Intimates.

The idea for Bed Peace Intimates initially came to Lyn in high school. Since then, she gathered the necessary experiences that made her vision a reality. She studied fashion arts and business at Humber College and then took an intensive sewing course at George Brown College before launching her business on Instagram in spring 2017.

Lyn makes mostly underwear, bralettes and sports bras, usually in bright, vibrant colours. It was important to Lyn to ensure her business was sustainable so all her pieces are made-to-order using made-in-Canada organic cotton hemp.

Since launching, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. An added bonus of her made-to-order model and using Instagram is that Lyn is able to have more interaction with her customers than she might have had otherwise.

“So they’ll send me pictures afterwards, or they’ll write really sweet messages about how perfectly they fit or how they love the colour,” explained Lyn.

C/O Maya Lyn

At the core of her business is the belief that fabrics we keep closest to our bodies should be comfortable and make us feel good. That’s why she’s very appreciative of the feedback because it helps her to see that her business is fulfilling its goals.

Everything comes back to these ideas of comfort and kindness for Lyn.

“It’s all about comfort for me. I seldom call it lingerie because I’ve never been attracted to lingerie. It’s just not my jam but intimates to me that means they’re comfortable, they’re flexible. You can wear it at work, you can wear it at home, you can wear it when you’re resting. And it’s also sexy. When you feel comfortable in your body you are prone to feeling sexy and good in your body because you feel comfortable,” explained Lyn.

“It’s all about comfort for me. I seldom call it lingerie because I’ve never been attracted to lingerie. It’s just not my jam but intimates to me that means they’re comfortable, they’re flexible.”

Especially in the context of the pandemic, choosing something comfortable (and colourful!) can go a long way in making individuals not only feel more comfortable in their bodies but also for brightening their days a bit.

“I know the few days that I haven’t got dressed in the morning, those days are just hazy. And it’s kind of fun but you do feel a little bit like the day is just a big blob. So maybe having Bed Peace, putting on a nice sports bra that’s comfortable, that doesn’t have an underwire and putting on a nice, comfortable, colourful pair of underwear and then putting on some sort of comfortable, but home outfit could be a game-changer for people who are stuck at home and feeling it,” said Lyn.

Comfort is for everyone and Lyn feels strongly about ensuring that all aspects of her are accessible and inclusive.  She offers a sliding scale for those who may need it. She also strives to be size-inclusive, featuring a size range of small to three XL.

In regards to the promotion of her business, such as for photoshoots, it’s very important for Lyn to work with photographers and models who are Black, Indigenous or People of Colour.

“Collaborating together and being a part of the collaboration team to be like, “Okay, what would make you feel excited to see on an advertisement for underwear?” [is really important] . . . I’m just thinking about how a brand can be all-encompassing and mindful about representation and tokenism and how to actually just make something that’s really cool and authentic visually,” added Lyn.

Lyn’s Bed Peace Intimates helps to highlight the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin, figuratively and literally, but furthermore it also actively encourages individuals to seek out comfort and helps them find it.

Currently, Bed Peace Intimates is on a brief hiatus but Lyn has plans to resume her business in the spring.


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