The summer months lead to a sudden influx of heat waves, unwelcome flooding, and most importantly, quality television. And if after four months of converter cruising you find yourself longing for the plains of Westeros, the halls of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce, or the methamphetamines of Walter White, look no further than Primetime television.

Although the AMC’s and HBO’s of the world may provide for high-class entertainment in the warmer months, there’s something to be said for cable TV’s mid-evening programming.


For Breaking Bad (AMC) fans, check out Blacklist (CityTV). Apparently, the show is about a notorious fugitive who turns himself in- but only under the condition that he gets to FBI alongside a babe-alicious agent. Oooh. Drama.
For fans of Mad Men (AMC), check out The Crazy Ones. Although theoretically a comedy, this advertising show has the same creds as MM – but sub Jon Hamm for Robin Williams.


If you’re one of the five people who watch Wilfred (FX) and need a new comedy for the season, check out Gravity Falls (Disney). Don’t led Disney mislead you, equally obscure, this children’s show is full of quirks and irony.
For TLC-addicts, trade in your Breaking Amish habit for the last season of What Not to Wear or Duck Dynasty (A&E). To each their own.


Shark Week (Discovery) came and went, but nature still thrives. And by that, I mean Nature, the documentary series on PBS. If you need a description, you shouldn’t be in university.

If loafting in front of The Food Network became a daily habit, but your student house does not cater to specialty networks, tune into Masterchef Junior (CTV) for a guaranteed young-in shit show, with food.



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