Fifth-year Chemical Engineering and Management student Ehima Osazuwa is the new president-elect of the McMaster Students Union. Osazuwa won with a total of 4,298 votes, beating out second-place candidate Tristan Paul who finished with 3,335 votes. A total of 8,858 votes were cast, representing 42.2 percent of the 20,977 eligible voters.

Upon hearing the news, Osazuwa and his team, who were stationed at their campaign table in MUSC, erupted in cheers. Osazuwa proceeded to run through the Student Centre before rallying his supporters and passers-by in a rendition of a McMaster cheer.

After stepping aside from the celebration to call his family, Osazuwa spoke to the Sil about the news.

“Winning is just the start. Winning is just the start,” he said, out of breath from running through MUSC.

“I made promises to students in my platform points. They’re ambitious, but I promise to try my best for students and also continue fighting for what I was going to do. I’d also like to thank my team. I couldn’t have done it without them. I want to thank everyone who voted, I couldn’t have done it without them. My friends, my family, my loved ones, every single person here, it’s very important.”

Osazuwa will assume office May 1, 2015.

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