Nazwa Warda Bintay Salim
The Silhouette

The earth is a very small planet when considering this whole milky galaxy as part of a gigantic universe. We, the homo sapiens, the best of creations supposedly by a god, or just through a natural process of selection, have never turned a deaf ear to those tears of our mother earth. The very thought of Earth being a mother to us is not even there anymore.

Just like a mother who grooms up a child in her loving cradle, this mother earth has been very obliging to us to bless with fruits and water, with dates amidst the dry, deadly and sweltering desserts, nurturing us with rain for a golden harvest, rivers flowing with shoals of fish for fisherman to live on or with the fresh tint of air to breathe in a hot sunny day. It showered us with the beautiful soft flaky snows so that we can enjoy the perfect chilly Christmas nights with a hot cup of coffee.

No ink can describe the enormous and countless ways we have been blessed with this small planet, only bothering to acquire ungratefully as much as we can from it never realizing that each of us are obligated to return to it at least the smallest amount that we can.

Survival of the fittest has been the only mantra of the 21st century. In the competitive run for materialistic accomplishment we have always brutally killed and knowingly murdered the innocence within us, not knowing what aftermaths we are leaving behind as footprints for our next generations to manage.

Nature has endured our actions. Over the years mother nature has waited patiently for better days.

The results are right in front of our eyes. We need to open our eyes to the truth, not intentionally hide away from it for our own selfish benefits. Success and achievement can no longer have a positive effect on us if we are to leave behind our children with a plundered planet, floating in deadly breathable poison.

This sudden abrupt and shocking changes in our weather pattern, extreme chilly winds with severe ice-storms, to the engulfing of villages with dark choking ashes from thousand-year-old dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting, lava exploding from now-where leaving people homeless and in shock, fire in the middle of the forest destructing villages after villages, households and properties, tornadoes and cyclones rising in unnatural ways to completely loot a whole city in seconds demolishing all structures raised through years. These are all just mere signs that there could be more devastating effects affecting our

It is late already, as manifested from these unanticipated events and calamities. The question thus remains: have we had enough lessons yet? Or do we want to still go back, sit and ponder our own self-interest at the cost of prowling our own mother every day?



  1. nature knows well when to answer . we must respect our mother , EARTH , as we always respect our mother . nature will take revenge when it is hurt too much and it cannot take it anymore . Nazwa you have done a vety good writeup and hope to read many more .

  2. Assigning sentience to nature like this is EXACTLY what the theodicy is. There is no divine judgement of god nature. The earth doesnt ‘know’ what we have done to it, just like water doesnt ‘know’ to flow. It may experience what we do to it, but it just reacts. It doesnt think about reacting. Its just a machine. God is dead.

    It seems like you’re just one step away from saying its all the homosexuals and heathens causing the bad weather. Pretty dark dage stuff.

  3. Why then does the United Nations state in their Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expressly state that humans have nigh jack all effect on the changes in climate (I paraphrase of course). Roll a J, pass it on, “I’m too old for this shit.” -D. Glover

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