Ana Qarri / Silhouette Staff


Dear Friend,

Between the workload and the complaining about the workload, I often forget to appreciate your existence. So I’d like to do that now.

I’m thankful that at this very moment you exist. I’m thankful that your existence overlaps with mine, in such a way that your existence makes mine much less depressing.

You, friend, somehow find me to be a pleasant human being. You’ve listened to me talk about trivial and important things alike, and have at some point thought “Hey, this girl is cool.”

That thought right there might not seem like a big deal, but it is. It is the biggest of all deals.

In addition to tolerating my character on a daily basis, you also do nice things for me. You’ve brought me food during all-nighters. You’ve let me sleep in your room when the fear of being alone suddenly hit me on a Tuesday night. You’ve let me cry next to you after arguments and breakups and whatever else it is I do to make my life more complicated.

Not to get delusional here or anything, but it seems to me like you think I’m worth something, which is pretty cool of you.

But, the actual point of this letter is that I think I might be platonically in love with you. It’s the kind of love that is sustained with rare hang-out sessions and the occasional conversation on the way to class. I might not see you often these days, but know that the thought of you makes me smile, or laugh hysterically, or stop and acknowledge your beautiful existence.

Come here and give me a hug.


Your friend


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