He had no intention of coming back. But here he is, running for MSU president for the second year in a row. David Campbell, current VP (Administration) of the MSU, is following the footsteps of previous VPs and sticking around to aim for higher office.

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“One year just isn’t a lot of time to get projects done,” he explained. “We have all these projects on the go with the whole organization that I want to see continue, and so I decided to run to see that happen.”

His 2012 campaign was popular, but ultimately put him in a close second to Siobhan Stewart. He considers this reason to stick to similar campaign points, and a strategy of being upfront and honest with voters, making the spirit of both years the same.

Campbell’s campaign is very practical. As the candidate most familiar with the inner workings of the MSU, he insists that he knows what can be achieved in a year-long term.

“My platform shows that I have a much greater understanding of what can be done, what should be done, and feasible ideas. I think I have a balance of that,” he argued. “In looking at the other candidates’ platforms, I don’t see that nearly so much.”

A series of simple points, such as adding more outlets around the student centre and extending library hours, promise concrete and tangible results. He is also adamant about saving students money by eliminating redundant part-time student fees in the summer, a point that has been echoed by other candidates, as MAPS is already under fire.

But while other candidates dream big, Campbell ultimately thinks inside the box. His campaign counts on students valuing the little things the MSU can do, rather than motivating them to effect bigger changes. If students are happy with the direction the MSU is headed, Campbell definitely has the skills and the know-how to keep it on track.


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