Tim Hortons gave back to several communities across Canada on Nov. 16, including right here at home.

The #WarmWishes campaign brought the Cup of Good Deeds across six Canadian cities to encourage residents to contribute a heart-warming good deed for a friend, neighbour or their community.

The chain’s first store opened in Hamilton in 1964, making the campaign’s stop in the city extra special. The Cup of Good Deeds pulled up to a parking lot at Barton St. E and Victoria Ave. N. with a Tim Horton’s coffee truck, functioning as a festive pop-up cafe and offering free cups of their famous coffee.

“Tim Hortons is a home away from home and a place where people can gather. This is just an extension of that through spreading warm wishes and cheer by gestures of good deeds to the community, and just to bring everybody together,” said Simone Clarke, field marketing manager for Tim Hortons. ”Just the ability to share a good deed to a neighbour or a family member is a great opportunity for the community and its a great way to spread warm wishes.”

Once all of the warm wishes were collected, volunteers and staff worked diligently to fulfill as many good deeds as they could throughout the day, no matter the size. For example, one wish was to donate supplies to a local animal shelter, another was to help a family in need by donating a television.

“It’s getting people together and making them feel special, happy and important,” said McMaster student and Tim Hortons brand ambassador, Micheline Vega. “It’s just about giving back to your community.”

Watch the impact that the campaign had in Grimsby last year.


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