What is it?

As we settle into fall and brace ourselves for (shudder) winter, the search for a cozy meal that doesn’t break the bank becomes ever more important.

Hamilton has no shortage of stick-to-your ribs options, from Bul Gogi’s stone bowls to the Burnt Tongue’s soup to the Hearty Hooligan’s vegan pizza buns. But recently these restaurants gained a new companion in the fast, filling and delicious category.

Located next to August 8, Noodle Me is a new restaurant specializing in, you guessed it, noodles. The small restaurant makes their noodles in-house, and they offer a range of widths, from angel-hair fine to first-year-chemistry-textbook thick. And with a range of soups, stir fry-like dishes and cold noodles, their menu is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Hot to get there from Westdale/Ainslie Wood

Take the 1, 5 or 51 bus from campus to Main and MacNab. Cut through the bus terminal to King Street and walk east a block to the King and James intersection. Walk north on James for about five minutes, until you hit Wilson Street.

Noodle Me is located in the small strip plaza on the north-east corner of the intersection.

Price range

Appetizers start at as low as $2, with the average appetizer coming in at about $5. Their main courses are also reasonably priced (and the portions are generous). Their broth soups cost around $9 typically and their stir-fried noodles, called “friars” are in the $10-$11 range. You can also add extra meat, veggies, egg or noodles for a small fee.

Must-order item

First, I recommend going with at least one other person so you can try multiple dishes. Either that or be ready to eat two entrees.

That said, the space is small and it is unlikely they can accommodate groups of much larger than five.

Their “original noodle” soup is a must-try; its flavour is a wonderful mix of ramen, pho and the kinds of soups my mom and grandma make at home and it’s loaded with meat, veggies and of course your choice of noodle.

The chicken friar is also delicious; Noodle Me’s sauces are great, and the noodles are that perfect balance between soft and chewy.

Why it’s great

The location of Noodle Me, tucked in the middle of a small plaza, is at best a bit hard to find and the atmosphere of the restaurant is fairly sparse; it’s a restaurant that is purely about the food. And honestly that in and of itself is refreshing. I’m the first one to admit I’m a sucker for thoughtful restaurant design and eye-catching details, but I also appreciate that the people behind Noodle Me are there to accomplish two tasks: make noodles and ensure you eat a lot of them.

Everything I have tried from their menu has been delicious, and the staff are always willing to explain the different types of noodles and dishes. And the service is fast.

Noodle Me is a great option for those nights when you leave campus and can feel your stomach clawing for food you’re so hungry because you will leave feeling full for a long while afterwards.

Its proximity to King and James also means that it’s an option for long days on campus when you need a break from looking at the Burke Science Building between your last daytime class and your night class.

For reference, Noodle Me is closer to the buses back to campus than the Canon Street Burnt Tongue location.

This school year be sure to try out this great addition to the downtown core’s easy dinner options.

Personally, I cannot wait until my next visit, so I can walk through the door, smell the delicious dishes cooking and say: “Noodle me.”


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