What it is

Now that you have gotten through the first month of a school, you have probably found more than a fair share of delicious breakfast/brunch places on James Street North and Locke Street South.

If you’re in the city during reading week, it may be time to expand your breakfast horizons.

What better way to do that then with some damn good waffles? The Cannon is the only place in the city that excels in both waffles and specialty coffee.

Sweet waffles drenched in your choice of chocolate, fruit and whipped cream are served alongside savoury brunch combos of poached eggs, bacon, avocado, grilled veggies and more on top of a waffle the size of your plate.

How to get there from Westdale/Ainslie Wood

Hop on the 1 bus route heading towards downtown.

You will be heading straight down Main Street for a while until your stop on Main and Ottawa.

After getting off, walk north down Ottawa Street until you reach Cannon Street East. The Cannon Coffee will be right on the corner.

How much

A classic, no-nonsense waffle with maple syrup costs $4.50, while the more substantial menu items average at around $7 to $12.

What to get

Good brunch friends don’t let each other choose between sweet or savoury. Sharing is caring here so I would recommend splitting an order.

First order one of the brunch plates. My go-to is the California Brunch plate with two poached eggs, avocado salsa, bacon and goat cheese on a jalapeño Havarti waffle. Alongside your savoury waffle plate, go ahead and deck out your sweet waffles with all the syrup, chocolate and fruit that you want (if you are extra hungry maybe order two).

Splitting food will keep both of your cravings satisfied, while also providing a lot of food for just under $10 a head.

I always recommend getting coffee while you wait for your food. The espresso bar is always busy on a weekend morning, but the awesome baristas on staff make it worth it.

Why it’s great

While I was learning about all the popular coffee shops in the city, the Cannon was one of the most recommended places by other café owners. The Cannon has gotten the specialty café formula down pat: good coffee and a focused menu that pairs perfectly with it. Their  savoury waffle options are unlike anything else in the city, while still executing a classic waffle really well.  Beyond breakfast, the place provides comfortable, bright atmosphere to just relax in.

The Cannon could have easily won over many with that alone, but they really take time to make sure that their coffee is worth the trip too. I don’t think the combination of good brunch and good company ever needs more justification but if you were waiting for the perfect spot to pull you away from campus, you need to make time to go to Ottawa Street this reading week.

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