On the Sept. 28 editorial entitled, “The McMaster Students Union’s lack of communication,” it was noted that a significant chunk was cut out from the archives from the Sept. 24 Student Representative Assembly meeting. This has not changed. It remains just over an hour long, a fraction of a much longer meeting, and 17 minutes of that is a break.

The Oct. 28 meeting promised topics like Aidan Johnson and updates about ward 1, discussions about the smoking ban policy and the McMaster Marching Band. The archives have the ending 11 minutes and 51 seconds of the meeting available. The rest seems to be unrecoverable.

While going through the tweets made by those in attendance or watching at home and the News article in this week’s issue will be decent resources, specifically about Johnson’s appearance at the beginning, it still pales in comparison to having the primary document available.

There were a substantial number of issues that went into this appearance such as the city’s Indigenous justice policy, the transgender protocol, the LRT, the city’s attempts to adjust Hamilton’s ward boundaries and McMaster students experiencing breaking and entering thefts. A large portion of the discussion was directly about how you and other McMaster students interact with the city. The majority of the issues discussed will continue to be important points.

An unfortunate part about this live stream corrupting is that you no longer have any way to verify the entirety of the meeting. While you may be able to place your trust in whatever source you like when it comes to updates around campus, the only way you can verify is by checking other secondary documents.

If any of these issues come up again in the future, and the majority of them likely will as we move closer to the Hamilton municipal election taking place next year, we will not have the depth of information that we could have provided. Any number of points that were not documented at the time are now lost.

It is important to understand that mistakes can happen, and technology might be a bit finicky from time to time. A backup plan would have been nice. It is simply disappointing that this meeting, the one that radically altered how McMaster interacts with the city, is the one we have the least amount of access to.

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