Connor Wong is a Level VI Engineering and Physics student. Wong’s platform surrounds transparency, logistics, sustainability and inclusion within our campus communities.

While Wong does not have any official experience within the McMaster Students Union, he has experience coordinating between groups and communicating with professional contacts from his time doing co-op placements. Wong has also worked and played in a jazz band for several years now.

His first point aims to create transparency within the MSU’s advocacy work in order to reassure the student body of the MSU’s usefulness as an organization. Within his platform, Wong notes that the general media focus on campus events and awards rather than the advocacy work undertaken by the MSU, and contributing overall to the general impression of inactivity on the organization. Wong also aims to make financial decisions made by the MSU to be fully transparent and publicized by creating a nice, big, potentially shiny poster and hanging said poster up in a central location on campus.

Wong’s platform also intends to reflect upon the “tragically moist” and costly Light Up the Night. Although he feels as though the event should be completely eliminated, it does require a second look, particularly within its funding.

Further, Wong takes a sustainable approach within his platform by addressing the potential replacement of all walkways on campus with canals in light of recent weather trends. Wong cites that this action will double as a restoration and preservation of the local environment.

Finally, Wong promises to block off all of the stairs on campus during inclement weather in order to ensure inclusivity between the currently unblocked stairs on campus.

For further information on Wong’s platform, visit his Facebook page and his website:

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