Experience in any form, whether voluntary, competitive or direct employment, is important for students who are looking to build their resumes and develop their careers. By participating in competitive volunteer opportunities on campus, students can gain experience that can help improve their chances for job opportunities.

McMaster should consider making them known to students from all faculties, in addition to ensuring that these opportunities are as all-inclusive as possible in terms of faculty representation. Experiential opportunities McMaster should be open to students from all faculties and should aspire to create opportunities that help students from all educational backgrounds participate in experiences that could help their future.

Post-secondary education is meant to prepare students for the real world and give students what they need to succeed outside of school as well. Nowadays, career-related education is not as easily accessible as it should be for young adults. It is difficult enough for students to understand the basics of job-search, which in turn makes finding a experience that can helps students build a career an even greater challenge.

In creating student-oriented opportunities that will help students build their skillsets and add experiences to their resumes that are not paid and are volunteer based, McMaster would be helping students prepare for the real world and fulfill what university is meant to do for students.

By participating in competitive volunteer opportunities on campus, students can gain experience that can help improve their chances for job opportunities.

A perfect example of a student-competitive volunteer opportunity is McMaster’s annual student hackathon for change, DeltaHacks. With over 500 participants last year from universities across the nation, the competition encourages students to participate in an event that creates positive change in participating in solving real world problems using design thinking strategies.

The competition offers several positions and opportunities for students, from being a coordinator or a mentor to participating in marketing strategy. It offers many opportunities for students to work on real-world skills that help students build a resume skillset.

Opportunities like this are unique for students, because they encourage students from all fields and educational backgrounds to participate in build real-world applications together in hopes of creating solutions that create positive change globally.

Though this opportunity sounds like it would be directly relevant to engineering and computer science students from the title, students from all backgrounds and talents can play a role in the competition.

In addition, given the variety of participants, the competition can also be an opportunity for networking and building relations with individuals from diverse skill sets and experiential backgrounds. This allows for a less-stressful, more beneficial opportunity for students to network with other students who may be pursuing a similar career, or who might know others that can give better insight in the field you are pursuing.

DeltaHacks is an example of an opportunity that allows students from all faculties at McMaster to come together in a volunteer-run event and create positive change. The opportunity opens doors for students to develop new skills, make new connections and add experience to their resumes.

McMaster should make a greater effort in promoting opportunities that will help students build their career portfolios and ensure that students of all faculties are able to participate in these opportunities.

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