Choosing your first sex toy!


By: Susie Ellis

Getting a sex toy for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. There are an incredible number of toys to choose from, like vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, rabbits, suction toys and even fucking-machines. The amount of materials, brands and options out there can make it hard to pick the right toy for your body. I’m a veteran sex toy reviewer, who’s had many different things pass through my orifices, so I’m here to give you the lowdown on information you should consider when choosing your first toy.


Knowing what materials are available will affect how you experience your toy of choice, but it will help you avoid choosing a toy made from dangerous substances. The sex toy industry is considered unregulated, so the most common sex toys you see in stores are made from materials that can cause genital burning, frequent yeast infections, headaches, cramps and nausea.

Good Materials: 

100 per cent pure silicone, medical grade stainless steel, wood (with medical grade finish), Aluminum, glass, natural stone, ceramic, ABS-plastic.

Bad Materials: 

Jelly/Jellee/gel, rubber/“skin safe” rubber, Cyberskin, vinyl and PVC, TPE, TPR, elastomer, TPR-silicone, SEBS, “silicone blends”.

Some of the bad materials listed aren’t necessarily toxic, but are porous, which means they can harbour mould and bacteria and are impossible to disinfect.

Vulva toys

There are many ways to stimulate a vulva, so there’s a ridiculous amount of toy options for their owners.

External vibrators and suction toys stimulate the outside of your vagina (the clit, clitoral hood and labia mainly). If you’re looking for something discreet and small, get a bullet vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango. If you’re looking for something super powerful, try a wand vibe like Magic Wand Rechargeable. Or, if you’re someone who likes receiving oral sex, try out a suction-based toy like the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Dildos are used for penetration and are occasionally used to mimic the feeling of a penis. They’re also used to hit the G-spot and A-spot (like the G-spot but an inch deeper in a vagina). If you’re new to sex toys, I recommend looking at purchasing dildos that fall on the smaller side and are made of a softer silicone. The Blush Novelties Real Nude dildo line is my favourite to recommend, as their dildos come in a variety of shapes (phallic and non-phallic) and are made of dual-density silicone with a hardcore and softer exterior.

Internal vibrators are used to arouse the vagina and send vibrations to internal pleasure points like the G-spot and A-spot. Internal vibrators are great if you’re not sure which type of toy you’re looking as they can still work on your external genitalia if you don’t want to use them internally. I recommend the Lelo Mona 2 or the L’Amourose Prism V.

Rabbits are toys that are used to stimulate both your internal and external genitals simultaneously. And while this sound great, more often than not they don’t end up being good toys. Everyone’s genitals are situated differently on their body, and rabbit vibrators tend to miss their marks, so to speak. If you want simultaneous internal and external stimulation, get two different toys!

Satisfyer Pro Penguin 2

Penis toys

It’s a common misconception that there aren’t a lot of options for toys for people with penises, which is far from the truth.

A cock ring is goes around the base of the penis (and/or balls) to restrict the blood flow from the penis to produce a harder and longer-lasting erection.

Masturbators and sleeves are the toys are made to simulate penetration. Most have textures on the inside to enhance sensations for the user, and some have orifice-looking holes to create a realistic illusion. Tenga Eggs or the Quickshot Vantage are a good example of fun, but not aggressively realistic-looking toys. FYI: Most masturbators are made from TPE or TPR, which are considered porous. Make sure you are cleaning your masturbator regularly and look out for wear and tear of the material. You should be replacing a well-maintained masturbator every one to two years.

Penis vibrators exist and (from what I’ve heard) feel fantastic. The Hot Octopuss PULSE III wraps around the end of a penis, vibrates all around and has an oscillating plate that sits under the penis head. The Fun Factory Cobra Libre sits on the end of the penis and uses vibrations to massage the penis head.

Butt toys

Everyone has a butt, but maybe you’re someone who wants to put things inside it! There are a variety of toys for assholes, including butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and vibrators. No matter what you decide to choose, get something that has a flared base twice the diameter of the insertable end. A flared base prevents toys from getting stuck inside you as the rectum has a habit of sucking things inside it (which results in uncomfortable doctor’s office visits).

I suggest starting with a small silicone tapered butt plug, like the Fun Factory Bootie, as it’s a comfortable toy in terms of sizing and feeling.

Before you choose your first toy, you’re going to want to make a mental note of what you like during masturbation or sex. Once you know what your body prefers, you’ll be able to search for your sex toy much more easily.


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