Workout at the Pulse and We’ll Guess Which Hess Bar You Frequent

Free weights or machines? [{"title":"Gown & Gavel","points":"2"},{"title":"Ora Italian Kitchen + Bar","points":"1"},{"title":"Che Burrito and Lounge","points":"0"},{"title":"Trust","points":"1"},{"title":"Sizzle & Koi","points":"2"}] Free Weights [{"title":"Gown & Gavel","points":"0"},{"title":"Ora Italian Kitchen + Bar","points":"1"},{"title":"Che Burrito and Lounge","points":"1"},{"title":"Trust","points":"2"},{"title":"Sizzle &...

True or false quiz: How well do you know McMaster?

McMaster’s main campus is located on 250 acres. True False Continue >> McMaster is home to the world’s largest microscope. True False Continue >> The Silhouette is one of the only broadsheet newspapers left. True False Continue >> McMaster University was established in Hamilton in 1887. True False Continue >> McMaster’s international students have represented 80 different countries! True False Continue >>...

Which McMaster Homecoming Personality Are You?

Which McMaster Homecoming Personality Are You?

Are you going to the Homecoming Football Game? [{"title":"The Hoco Butterfly","points":"2"},{"title":"The Homecoming Homebody","points":"0"},{"title":"2 Busy 4 Hoco","points":"0"},{"title":" The Rowdy One","points":"2"},{"title":"The Mess","points":"1"}] Yes [{"title":"The Hoco Butterfly","points":"0"},{"title":"The Homecoming Homebody","points":"2"},{"title":"2 Busy 4 Hoco","points":"2"},{"title":" The Rowdy...

Build a Willy Dog and We’ll Reveal How Often You’re Actually Planning on Studying This Year

  Pick your dog! [{"title":"Not at All","points":"2"},{"title":"You Tried","points":"1"},{"title":"Studying Superstar","points":"0"},{"title":"Halfway There","points":"1"}] Willy Dog - Jumbo All-Beef Hot Dog [{"title":"Not at All","points":"0"},{"title":"You Tried","points":"1"},{"title":"Studying Superstar","points":"1"},{"title":"Halfway There","points":"2"}] Smokin’ Willy - Jumbo Pork Sausage [{"title":"Not at...

What type of McMaster housemate are you?

How long do you take in your student house shower? [{"title":"House Mom","points":"2"},{"title":"The Grandparent","points":"0"},{"title":"The Hess Hopper","points":"0"},{"title":"The Significant Other ","points":"0"},{"title":"The Chill Homies","points":"1"}] 5 seconds [{"title":"House Mom","points":"1"},{"title":"The Grandparent","points":"1"},{"title":"The Hess Hopper","points":"0"},{"title":"The Significant Other...

Which McMaster Building Are You? – Quiz

Which McMaster Building Are You? – Quiz

McMaster has a lot of beautiful buildings! Find out which one represents you the best?