Workout at the Pulse and We’ll Guess Which Hess Bar You Frequent

Free weights or machines? Free Weights Weight Machines Have you done the climbing wall? Yes No Which Pulse studio would you rather be in? Fitness Studio Cycle Studio Who do you go to the gym with? By yourself With your significant other(s) With friends With a dedicated gym buddy What’s your gym outfit? Whatever Coordinated outfit No sleeves Which gym accessory would you rather forget? Water bottle Protein shake Towel Headphones Choose...

True or false quiz: How well do you know McMaster?

McMaster’s main campus is located on 250 acres. True False Correct! Wrong! McMaster is home to the world’s largest microscope. True False Correct! Wrong! The Silhouette is one of the only broadsheet newspapers left. True False Correct! Wrong! McMaster University was established in Hamilton in 1887. True False Correct! Wrong! McMaster’s international students have represented 80 different countries! True False Correct! Wrong! McMaster...

Which McMaster Homecoming Personality Are You?

Which McMaster Homecoming Personality Are You?

Are you going to the Homecoming Football Game? Yes No Maybe Which Hamilton drinking hole are you frequenting on a Saturday night? Trust The Brain Anywhere on Augusta Your house's water tap Club Seventy-Seven Which HoCo 2017 concert are you going to? Lil Yachty The Strumbellas with special guests Said the Whale Both Neither How much maroon are you planning on wearing this weekend? My whole body will be drenched in the maroon I bleed....

Build a Willy Dog and We’ll Reveal How Often You’re Actually Planning on Studying This Year

  Pick your dog! Willy Dog - Jumbo All-Beef Hot Dog Smokin’ Willy - Jumbo Pork Sausage Chicken Dog - Jumbo Tender Juicy Chicken Dog Halal Dog - Jumbo All-Beef Halal Hot Dog Veggie Dog - Jumbo Veggie Dog Willy’s Chilly Dog - Willy Dog Smothered in Willy’s Famous Chili Pick a combo! Chips Combo Drink Combo Drink and Chips Combo No Combo Add an extra! Add Chili Add Fried Onions Add Shredded Cheese No Extra Pick a condiment! Ketchup...

What type of McMaster housemate are you?

How long do you take in your student house shower? 5 seconds 15 minutes 30 minutes 1 hour I usually shower at my significant others house. What are you usually doing on a Friday night? Relaxing at home Studying Heavily drinking Sleeping Visiting home for the weekend What’s your best studying tip? Study 10 minutes before the test. That way you’ll remember it all. Prepare 2 hours a day, one week before the midterm. Go over the lecture...

Which McMaster Building Are You? – Quiz

Which McMaster Building Are You? – Quiz

McMaster has a lot of beautiful buildings! Find out which one represents you the best?