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When I was leaving for university my mother told me “you get out of your university experience what you put into it.” That is what this campaign is about. It’s about wanting to make sure everyone who comes to McMaster can get more out of their experience here, and the heart of that lies in making connections.

The academic component of my platform is about providing students with the tools they need to succeed – tools such as quality study spaces and healthy food options. Installation of new working space and lighting will revitalize MUSC study space. I will collaborate with libraries to introduce a free laptop charger rental service. Rounding out the academic pillar, wraps sold out of Union Market during the exam season will address the late night food terrors.

To better support students, I am collecting student ideas all week at my campaign headquarters in MUSC – a participatory platform that I promise to use as a guide if elected. I will also install a simple, easy-to-use suggestion box outside the MUSC office for yearlong direct feedback. Finally, extended hours for the MSU Peer Support Line will provide help to those who need it most.

The student life pillar looks at revitalizing an underutilized space in the Arts Quad to create a relaxing space that once equipped with tables and benches could become a new sanctuary for students. Perhaps the most exciting is the McMaster Art Crawl. What better way to draw our members into a true society than to showcase the raw talents that exist on our campus?

Four years ago I began my journey in a different faculty, as a different person. Switching faculties was the first in a series of experiences that taught me that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can lead to immeasurable rewards. I have learned that sometimes you must be bold in taking the opportunities that present themselves to you, and I want to provide these same growing opportunities to McMaster students: the opportunity to succeed, to grow and to make connections for a better student experience.

As Patrick Deane said “this is just the start of something you can build through a lifetime.” So go out. Make connections. I promise you won’t regret it.

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