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What is the purpose of a student union? The purpose of the union is to bring about a better experience for you and all MSU members. All issues should be addressed, and if possible, resolved. With the will of the students and the vision of a strong President we will move forward together. The President of the union is not only the leader, but also a person with a vision, who is willing to tackle the issues for you with a genuine smile on their face.

It is no secret that students face many issues on campus and want change to happen. My platform as your MSU President will revolve around tackling those issues that no one else is even willing to attempt to address. The power of change starts with the acknowledgment of the need to change.

A few voices claim that the tuition fee is an issue that is out of our scope and thus should not be addressed. It is true that as your MSU President I will not have the direct power to bring about lower tuition fee, but in that case should we stay silent about it and graduate with a debt over $25,000? I believe not. If we, the students, the leaders of tomorrow, are silent today, what kind of future should we expect? If we cannot address the most pressing issue on our campus because a few voices are against it, then none of us will grow to become what we dream of. We have on this campus, probably someone reading this article, the future Ontario Minister of Education or even the Prime Minister of Canada. And those leaders will not accept that they are incapable of forcing change.

I have a plan to bring about a more affordable education for you and it starts with planting the seed that will one day blossom to bear the fruit of such a reality. As your MSU President I will strike a committee that will investigate how to ease the burden on you and equip me to lobby the university more effectively. This committee will also advertise the tools they find to assist you.

Please stop me when you see me, ask me questions and challenge my team and me. I am sure we have the answer, and if we don’t, we will provide you with one soon. Make sure you check my website to read about how I will tackle late night food, club support, gender equity, accessibility and more.

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