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One of the most popular traditions for Canadian university business students is here again. Students from across the country at dozens of schools will soon be participating in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.

Participants from various Canadians universities have registered, and soon registrants are to create the proposal that is to comprise of their submission. This year’s registrations have approximated a whopping 900 students nationwide. In addition, 41 universities are now participating in the competition.

With recent trips by the executive team to universities including McGill, Ottawa, Concordia and Laval, more than 20 classroom presentations have reached out to over 500 students.

Having had an information session that took place on Jan. 16 by last year’s winner Mark J. Scattolon, students were provided with a helpful coaching initiative; the session promoted student participation and leadership.

“This competition gives students the opportunity to graduate with more than just a degree, but an unmatched experience that will set them apart and help jump start their career,” said Ed Shin, co-chair of CNTAE.

With judging set to begin shortly and a flood of submissions on the way, students in the top 25 can expect their next deadline to be Feb. 20 for Phase 2, and the closing ceremonies which will be taking place March 25 in Toronto.

During the final presentations later into the spring, competitors can look forward to the networking opportunities, scholarships, internships and a great learning experience.

During the closing ceremonies which will make up Phrase 3 where the top 10 competitors will present to a panel of judges; students can expect emotions and excitement to run high. Also participants can expect stiff competition with an influx of registrations that have included undergraduate and graduate students both.

With names like Laval and Bishop’s having seen a growth in their number of registrants, McMaster and York have remained steadily in cheap generic cialis place with the number of participants that are currently registered.

The goal remains on part of the universities and the executive team to select quality submissions that will in turn give the competition a new direction.




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