Campus employment can be beneficial for students McMaster Students Union employment can be a job that will help you when you leave McMaster


Being employed with the McMaster Students Union can not only make you a little bit of pocket money to pay for your expensive food spending on campus, but it can also benefit you in your future.

Aside from it being another work experience you can put on your resume, MSU employment allows you to discover a new part of campus in greater depth, whether it be the ins and outs of Union Market or how student-run organizations like Women Gender and Equity Network are able to operate for students.

The opportunity encourages you to get involved in the student related parts of campus that you may not have been able to discover before, and opens doors to other jobs on campus after you have already been employed on campus.

For students who are interested in campus politics or who are already involved in student politics at McMaster, the experiences you take from this opportunity are ones that can help you outside of Mac as well.

You can connect with people through your MSU position who you may not have had the confidence to connect with before. Take Chukky Ibe and his sweet selfie with Justin Trudeau for example.

Being the MSU president has likely played a role in his life and allowed for him to experience things that he may not have been able to before.

We all know the importance of making connections and networking in the working world.

A campus job can hep you do that by meeting other people on campus who may have a foot in a workplace that you may be considering for your future career.

Who knows, while you’re working at TwelvEighty one night you may get into a conversation with one of the professors you were considering as a reference for grad school.

Personally, my position has allowed me to meet with McMaster students from different backgrounds who I may not have been able to connect with otherwise and understand their different perspectives on McMaster related issues.

It also became a motivation for me to become more involved with student politics, especially now with MSU presidential elections. Before my involvement with the Silhouette, I wouldn’t have been as interested in becoming as involved as I am now.

The opportunity encourages you to get involved in the student related parts of campus that you may not have been able to discover before, and opens doors to other jobs on campus after you have been employed on campus.

Especially for first years who may feel that university life is one that seems all too independent and may feel a little lonely, finding a job on campus can help with meeting other students that most likely feel the same, while making some money to pay for those late-night study snacks in exam season.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not all exciting and fun. I’m just looking at how McMaster can benefit you. Like most part-time student jobs, yes, there is added stress, and the never-ending feeling that there is never enough time to do everything.

But at least you can go through all that with the word “McMaster” in your MSU job that you can flaunt to people. And who knows, those peoples might just be the strangers that end up funding your future post-grad future career one day.

Finding part-time employment that works around your student schedule can be difficult, so it’s worth it to make yourself aware of all the options you have for employment.

Many may not know that there are options for those of you who are not TAs but are still looking for work on campus, but there is. And it doesn’t look bad on your resume either.


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Author: Reem Sheet

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