McMaster University will stop collecting MAPS fees from part-time students following a vote by the Board of Governors Thursday morning.

The McMaster Association of Part-Time Students came under public scrutiny earlier this year over its spending practices and lack of fiscal transparency. After firing its executive director, Sam Minniti, MAPS elected a new board in February.

At the June 6 BoG meeting, the University administration recommended that fee-collection for MAPS be suspended, citing that the new board has not yet met the expectations laid out for them at the beginning of their term.

“We don’t believe we can continue to collect the fees when MAPS has not ensured transparency, accountability and clarity on the services it provides in return for student fees,” said Provost David Wilkinson, in a release.

As of now, part-time students (registered in less than 18 units) will not be required to pay $7 per unit to MAPS come fall.

The University has held fees collected from MAPS members since last summer and will continue to do so. Some of the fees will go toward sustaining MAPS operations.




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