Bae, originally mistaken to be a lazy form of “babe,” stands for “before anything else” and referred to a significant other. Now, bae can be used to describe anything you’re even remotely attached to. “No, I don’t want Burger King; pizza is bae.”

– Tobi Abdul


An adjective used to mock the behaviours of a cliché, unoriginal, or predictable girl, or the place or thing being associated to that girl. Example: “That white girl in line at Starbucks wearing her TNA jacket and Hunter rain boots is so basic.” The name-calling of “basic”, or “basic bitches” gives the presumptive invitation to assume that all demographics of white Western-European middle-class girls are all stupid, copy cats, and live to Instagram all of the privileges in their lives.

– Carolyn Zeppieri

can’t even

The state of mind where you’re so dumbfounded and awestruck that your brain cells cannot possibly string together a few words to be able to properly express yourself. Famous for being used in situations when this is not the case but when the user simply has a strong desire to sound like a YouTube comment.

– Mitali Chaudhary


A combination of “slacker” and “activism.” Simply put, fighting for a cause with little or no effort put in. Examples include signing an online petition, sharing a picture on your Facebook timeline that supports a charity. It raises awareness of an important issue. However, in this period of high social media usage, it increasingly makes us complacent and feeling like we have solved the problem by giving a like on Facebook.

– Asefeoluwa Abodunrin


Popularized by Big Sean in one of the puniest verses ever on Kanye West’s “Mercy,” swerve means to avoid someone like an ex. Swerve also doubles as a way to say “what you just said is so wrong that I want you to leave.” For example, “Kristen Stewart is so ugly.” “Swerve, peasant.” Alternatively, you could just say it as a substitute for “cool” and yell it while swerving your car if you’re driving.

– Jason Woo


Tbh means “to be honest,” and is a precursor to some serious truth, all tea, all shade. As a part-time insult comment, full time meanie pants, I am a big fan. “Tbh, you smell like a day old taco.” Classic.

– Hayley Regis

throwing shade

To deliberately, yet nonchalantly, direct attitude towards someone either aggressively or passive-aggressively via verbal comments, facial expressions, body language, and/or social media. Perfect for people with attitude problems and a lack of filter, who also desire some sliver of truth in their insult style.

– Daniella Porano

turn up/turnt

Popularized by the one-lined Lil Jon party anthem, to turn up is to get loose, be wild, and have so much fun that you just can’t stop. Except for school. Turn down for exams. Also not to be confused with turnips.

– Jason Woo


An exaggerated way to agree with something. The more a’s, the more agreeable and excited you are. If you feel like throwing it back, use the full phrase “Yaaaaaas Gaga yaaaaaa.”

– Jason Woo


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