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For as long as McMaster Basketball guard Troy Joseph can remember, he has had two loves: basketball and music.

Starting to play basketball at the age of 10, the friendships he made through the sport were one of the biggest reasons he loved it so much. The same guys he played with in the front yard or in the school gym became long-time friends. Now, they either play alongside him or in different leagues all around the world. Still, basketball was that glue that kept a lot of his friendships together.

With his final year of eligibility up this season, Joseph hangs up his university jersey with McMaster. But Hamilton was not always home for him. Before making a name for himself in the Steel City, the Ajax native spent two seasons playing for the Long Island University Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY. While playing Division I gave him the NCAA March Madness experience and championship trophies, the return for Joseph was a natural fit.

While the coaches, practices, programs and structures were a bit different, Joseph came to McMaster with a bit of his past playing alongside him. Aaron Redpath and Leon Alexander, both players on the McMaster Men’s Basketball Team have been long-time friends with Joseph and have gone from court to court with him.

While the end has come for Joseph at McMaster, he is looking to play professionally. In talks with agents, he is working towards making the best possible decision for his future.

“I didn’t notice the importance of sports until now looking back at the friendships, the connections and challenges you go through.”

Whether it’ll be solely about basketball or music or a mesh of both is completely up to him.

“I’m not going to chase it just to chase it, it has to make sense to me,” said Joseph.

While music and basketball help inspire Joseph, he also contributes to his community through charity and is in the works of creating opportunities for children to play sports.

“I want to help single parents with kids who play sports. I know what it’s like to be in a single parent household trying to play sports. It’s expensive,” said Joseph.

Family has always been a huge support for Joseph and has inspired him to reach new heights.

“My mom stayed in Brooklyn just to watch my games. My dad pushed me to learn through sport and to give back,” said Joseph of his parents.

Seniors Night, the last home game at the Burridge Gym to celebrate the senior athletes, was a special one for Joseph.

“It was a good experience, especially with Leon and Aaron, it felt good being out there with them,” said Joseph.

Looking back, Joseph is proud of the way he ended his eligibility. He was named a Second Team All-Star for his efforts this season and was the second highest scorer this season for the McMaster Men’s Basketball team. Starting this season came with more minutes for Joseph that allowed him to produce efficiently and helped him grow into a leader on and off the court.

“I didn’t notice the importance of sports until now looking back at the friendships, the connections and challenges you go through,” said Joseph.

Whether it’s because of his talent on the court or through his verses, Marauders can expect to hear more from Troy Joseph.

Photo Credit: Jon White/ Photo Editor

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