Barton Village Festival The third year of events continue to establish the street’s identity


On June 24, Barton Street East was closed off for an afternoon for festivities to bring awareness to the area and celebrate the potential of its local scene. It was complete with live artists, sports tournaments, plenty of green space provided by rolling out grass, 4600 square feet of it, for the first year at its Green Street Challenge and a couple breweries were on hand too.

In a city where McMaster and Mohawk continue to have a significant amount of influence from the more obvious areas such as Westdale to the core areas of downtown and beyond, Barton Street represents a part of Hamilton that has relied on itself to evolve past its former struggles. A community effort from top to bottom, the festival continues to grow from its humble origins in a single park in a way that successfully mirrors its upwards trend.

A family festival by design, it featured over 25 000 attendants and over 70 vendors divided between four different sections: community, shopping, service and good eats.


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Author: Shane Madill

As a graduate of McMaster’s Economics program and the Editor-in-Chief for Volume 88, Shane is a seasoned Silhouette contributor who formerly acted as an Opinion Editor, Online Editor, Online Reporter and Andy Volunteer. A man of many names and talents, his presence and work at The Silhouette is a constant reminder to “be the Shane you wish to see in the world.”