Have you ever wondered what exactly the products sitting in your makeup bag are made of? Neither have I really. But we need to – especially as some of the most popular cosmetics and personal care products are reeking of carcinogenic and toxic ingredients. Think Dirty can change the way we think about what we’re putting on or in our bodies, even if the truth is “pretty damn gross”.
Partnered with the Breast Cancer Fund and their Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, this mobile app is a small but mighty way to revolutionize the way we buy makeup. There’s a scanning feature that works to recognize over 55,200 products. Once scanned or searched, the “dirty meter” tells you the usually painful truth in three categories: carcinogenicity, development and reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicities. Once one of those three bars reaches the red end, you’re dealing with some pretty nasty stuff.
Most of all, Think Dirty educates us to become less intimidated by the chemicals we can barely say in one breath by telling us exactly what we need to know: the primary usage and health impacts.
Staying healthy comes hand in hand with awareness, and Think Dirty helps promote exactly that.