Michael Gallagher
The Silhouette

Artist: Cults

Cults’ new album Static is strange.

While there are many good songs, there are few great ones. The record found a weird middle ground for the quality of their latest material. This isn’t to say that their material is bad – that isn’t the case at all – but there isn’t anything that really sticks out, either.

As you flip through the tracks, the smooth voice of Madeline Follin and bright guitars of Brian Oblivion are there to greet you with catchy melodies and strangely dissonant chords. The inclusion of strings and almost eerie-sounding organs makes Static very similar to another male and female duo, Beach House.

Unfortunately, Static just isn’t able to set itself apart from the stream of new music that comes out more and more with each passing day. What’s worse is that Static isn’t even able to set its songs apart from each other, and many of Viagra female them simply sound too similar and uninspired. Even their newest single, “High Road,” drags on and barely makes an impression on the listener

Fans of the band may still enjoy the album, but compared to their self-titled first album, Static falls short.



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