It looks like McMaster swimming will get the push they need to finish off their season at the top of the ranks thanks to new 2013 men’s team recruit – Eric Anderson.

With 15 years of competitive swimming under his belt (starting his career at age six) Anderson is prepared to make an impression on McMaster swimming during his time here at the school.

“Swimming for McMaster means an opportunity to build something truly great, and be a part of something truly meaningful,” said Anderson.

“I have two seasons here where I’d really like to make an impact not only in the pool individually, but for the program as a whole.”

Anderson knows that his time here at McMaster is valuable and he has a lot to prove being that he has not been a Marauder for very long.

“I represented the Dinos for the 2010-2011 season and won a CIS championship with that team,” said Anderson.

“For me, Calgary had been home for a number of years, but the dream had always been to go to a Division 1 NCAA school. After that first season, I transferred to the University of Denver, in Colorado. After two seasons of struggling with injuries, health issues, and a relatively poor coach-athlete relationship, I was ready to pack it in and be done with swimming.”

It was under the suggestion of his father and past swimming coach to contact Andrew Cole, head coach of men and women’s swimming at McMaster University.

Coach Cole would prove to be the deciding factor, which would lead to Anderson’s switch to the Maroon and Grey.

“Andrew made it sound like he could make swimming fun for me again,” said Anderson of his head coach.

“He talked of a Marauder family and an environment that could support whatever goals I had.”

“Three months into the year I can honestly say my experience has been nothing short of incredible. The team spirit is outstanding, the support staff is great, I love showing up to workout every day, and I’m swimming better than ever before.”

After experiencing many high’s during his career such as winning the 2010 Junior Nationals in the 200 freestyle and getting the opportunity to represent Canada internationally at the Pan Pacific Games, McMaster University would prove to only further nurture Anderson’s budding talents.

“On three months of training I’m swimming faster than I ever did back then, and it’s been really exciting,” said Anderson.

“This season is all about putting the pieces back together after the last couple of years in Denver.”

“Coach Cole has been amazing to work with, and the team has been really supportive.”

With lots of responsibility mounting for this young swimming Anderson hopes to lend a hand in helping his program get recognition in the McMaster sports community as well as helping the Marauders achieve a top title in the OUA and CIS.

“I don’t think the program gets the recognition it deserves from the swimming community sometimes, and I’d like to change that,” said Anderson.

“Ideally, by winning some gold medals at the OUA and CIS championships in February. I think I’m really just scratching the surface of what’s possible this season, and I’m excited to see where the team can go over the course of this year.”

Anderson’s passion for the sport is what drives him to be the best he can be. Every day is a new opportunity for him to achieve a new feat and surpass new boundaries.

His attitude and love for the sport will certainly drive this young athlete as well as his teammates to a potential OUA title and we can expect amazing things from the young squad this season.


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