A day in the life – Best on Bread


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a vendor at the Farmer’s Market? Chef Grant Whittaker from Best on Bread shares his day-to-day routine with us and takes us behind the scenes on the culinary action. Tag along as we spend an early morning tasting fresh bread at his long-time friend’s bakery, an afternoon at his trusted butcher for the main ingredients and a day at the market, where it all (and some pretty delicious sandwiches) come together!

Read more about Best on Bread here.



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Author: Razan Samara

Razan's passion for student journalism began when she picked up her first copy of the Sil. Since then, she's been the Arts & Culture Reporter, Arts & Culture Editor and Online Manager. When she's not in the Sil's dungeon office, you'll likely find her working in the community or grabbing a bite at the Hamilton Farmer's Market.