A day in the life – Best on Bread


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a vendor at the Farmer’s Market? Chef Grant Whittaker from Best on Bread shares his day-to-day routine with us and takes us behind the scenes on the culinary action. Tag along as we spend an early morning tasting fresh bread at his long-time friend’s bakery, an afternoon at his trusted butcher for the main ingredients and a day at the market, where it all (and some pretty delicious sandwiches) come together!

Read more about Best on Bread here.



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Author: Razan Samara

Razan Samara is in her third year of life science studies (probably for life). You can find her hitting the books and working at the hospital to complete her mental health minor, but most of the time she’s in the Sil’s dungeon office managing the Arts & Culture section as editor. She’s fond of Hamilton’s many galleries, enjoys meaningful talks with chefs at the Farmer’s Market and uses writing to connect with the world around her.