MSU Presidential candidates revealed Five hopefuls for 2016-17 give their opening statements




Devante Mowatt

Life Sciences (Honours)

Level IV

“This may be a little selfish, but I want to see the school from a different perspective. I want to be able to change something in my school. I feel like a lot of universities, changing your own grades is about you, it’s very personal. And I want to be able to provide for other people. I want to be able to say “I have an idea” or “you guys have an idea”, “let me know, let me get your voice and then I want to change it for you guys” Seeing the university in a different perspective can change how you feel about school entirely, because everyone is always in the same: I am a student. I am a student. I am a student. And some people are going to be students for the rest of their lives; and that is totally fine, but I feel that if I have the chance to be something different than a student, I am going to take it.”


Jonathon Tonietto

Materials Science and Engineering with Society and Co-op

Level VI

“I have been at this school for six years, which is now a quarter of my life. A lot of people feel that university take from them, I feel like this university has only given to me and I think that in this position, I would be able to give back to this school the way it has given to me.”


Justin Monaco-Barnes

English and Cultural Studies

Level IV

“The main reason why I am running for MSU president is that I have been very involved from both an MSU standpoint as well as a student standpoint. I have gotten to work with a lot of passionate people who are very passionate about their own projects, whether they are part-time or full-time, or just general students. I would love to work with them more at a different kind of level. And to bring in certain ideas that can really impact everyone. It is kind of the idea of being a leader and working with these people that are so passionate with the student life.”


Mike Gill

Integrated Sciences concentrating in Mathematics

Level IV

“I’m running for MSU President because I believe that our campus and students are capable of really big exciting change and I think that it is time we start addressing the largest problems facing us as students here at Mac. Personally, I have benefited a ton from my time during the MSU. I have grown so much, I have met so many great people, but I know that a lot of people don’t have that experience. So I am excited to see our organization do more, especially for those students who aren’t involved and don’t want to be involved. I think that together we can do a whole lot more to prioritize academics, employment, all sorts of things that extend beyond this MSU organization.”


Sarah Jama

Social Psychology

Level IV

“I am running for MSU President because I really want to make sure that student voices are being brought to the table that aren’t being listened to during the conversations of student leadership and student government. I want to make sure that we are bringing as many voices to the table as possible.”

The campaign will officially begin Sunday, Jan. 17 at 12 p.m. Stay tuned at thesil.ca/category/msu2016 for ongoing coverage of the election.


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