SRA winners announced; Leslie wins final Humanities seat in tiebreak balloting


Voting in the Student Representative Assembly general election concluded Thursday evening, and results of an extended ballot for Humanities were in by late Monady.

In the initial count last week, All but one of the 31 seats were won. For the fourth Humanities seat, there was a three-way tie between Krystina Ali, Tiffany Leslie and Daniella Porano with 120 votes each.

Tiffany Leslie won in Monday’s extended voting for the final seat, adding 32 votes to her total. Porano received 20 votes in the extended ballot, and Ali received 16.

In Business, Gabriel Cicchi and Jimmy Long won by acclamation at the start of voting on March 6. Nominations were extended to fill third seat.

The newly elected members of the Assembly will begin their one-year term on April 7, the meeting at which the SRA will elect next year’s MSU vice-presidents.

Vote totals are below, with winners bolded.

Arts & Science (1 seat):
Pullen, Naomi (106)
Sproule, Alexandra (35)
Abstain (8)

Business (3 seats):
Cicchi, Gabriel (acclaimed)
Dobrov, Dmitri (78)
Long, Jimmy (acclaimed)
Mallon, Scott (84)
Abstain (36)

Engineering (6 seats):
Abdelrahman, Salah (168)
Candemir, Melike (154)

Chennabathni, Vikas (129)
D’Mello, Ethan (189)
Karami, Marjan (114)
Mackinnon, Jonathan (153)
Mobayed, Saeed (131)
Tichenkov, Andrei (158)
Van Nood, Adam (150)

Yendt, Rory (148)
Abstain (168)

Health Science (2 seats):
Ge, Yipeng (53)
Harper, Chris (185)
Jeyasingham, Gabriel (145)

Klugsberg, Jacob (141)
Abstain (23)

Humanities (4 seats):
Al-Amad, Ahmad (56)
*Ali, Krystina (120)
*Leslie, Tiffany (120)
Loewig, Hans (190)
Milani, Elise (252)

*Porano, Daniella (120)
Wolwowicz, Jason (163)
Abstain (38)

*Humanities – extended ballot (1 seat)
Ali, Krystina (16)
Leslie, Tiffany (32)
Porano, Daniella (20)
Abstain (8)

Kinesiology (2 seats):
Collins, Stuart (acclaimed)
Omran, Janine (acclaimed)

Nursing (1 seat):
Palczewski, Kornelia (acclaimed)

Science (7 seats):
Abbas, Anser (226)
Amiri, Sasha (188)
Brodka, Jacob (466)
Fahey, Dan (199)
Garasia, Sophiya (272)
Grewal, Jora Singh (156)
Guarna, Giuliana (326)
Morrow, Aaron (368)
Narro Perez, Rodrigo (362)

Rajabali, Mozafer (98)
Rheaume, Alan (253)
Abstain (59)

Social Science (5 seats):
D’Angela, Daniel (229)
Dicenzo, Kristine (136)
Gillis, Eric (166)

Godin, Chantal (123)
Grover, Chad (107)
Karim, Naajiyah (103)
Kazmi, Sabeen (115)
Ogbaselassie, Rahwa (87)
Paul, Tristan (262)
Sparrow, Ryan (147)

Watts, Devon (128)
Abstain (57)


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