#MSUpres13: Who's doing well on Twitter?


Over the next week and a half, social media will play a crucial role in the campaigns of the MSU presidential candidates. Since campaigning kicked off on Sunday, some have taken to Twitter and Facebook swiftly, while others have taken a back seat for the moment

Brodka and Campbell are doing a better job than other candidates of reaching out to followers and re-tweeting them. They’ve also been posting a lot of photos and video, which are likely to get more views and consideration.

On social media, interaction is key, and so is momentum. How the candidates interact with, engage and keep potential supporters may be more important than the number of followers or ‘likes’ they have — though good numbers never hurt.

Here’s a look at which candidates are using Twitter effectively early in the race.



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Author: Anqi Shen

Anqi is the Sil’s first online editor and often reports on post-secondary education, campus news and Hamilton arts.